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Classes We Love: willPower & grace®


Members tell us that one of the best things about STUDIOMIX is our huge variety of classes.  We know it’s important to cross-train, it’s fun to try new challenges, and it’s wise to listen to what your body needs every day.  So mix up your workout!  It’s good for you.

willPower & grace® is a class we love!  Read on to find out why.

What is it?
willPower & grace® is an intense and inspiring barefoot workout.  It’s a 60-minute flow that will get your heart pumping while improving your balance, strength, and flexibility.  It’s functional movement training, which means that your body will become stronger and smarter in ways that make every day life a little more fun.  The willPower Method was developed over a decade ago by Stacey Lei Krauss, Fitness Pro and Barefoot Education Advisor for VibramFiveFingers.  STUDIOMIX is one of the only clubs in San Francisco to offer this program!  You can also find it in other cities across the country, as well as in the UK, Italy, and Sweden.  Fans include Elle magazine, Virgin Active, and the LA Times.  Read more about the willPower Method here.

Who’s it for?
willPower & grace® is an incredibly versatile format and can be modified for just about anyone.  Every class offers options so you get what you need whether you’re new to fitness, preparing for competition, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to improve your overall health.  This is a mind-body class for people who want an efficient, comprehensive workout that leaves them feeling good from head to toe, and from the inside out.

What should I expect?
Each class starts by warming up the feet, then progresses to a series of squats and lunges that will get your blood flowing!  The last 15 minutes are dedicated to stretching and balance.  Expect to sweat!  Most students, regardless of fitness level, report feeling sore for about 3 days after their first class.  (You’ve been warned.)

Awesome!  When can I take it?
As of this writing you can take willPower & grace® with Kim on  Tuesday nights at 5:30pm and Saturday mornings at 11am.  Check the schedule to confirm times and to sign up!

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